How to Deal with Insecurities

MaKenna Osburne, Staff Reporter

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Insecurities can be different for everyone. Someone could be insecure about something as small as how they twiddle their thumbs when they are nervous, or, one of the most common,  how they look. Insecurities are difficult to live with and hard to get rid of, but it is not impossible. With a lot of work on self love we can learn to appreciate ourselves, and diminish insecurities.

Most people believe that insecurities will never go away, and that it will plague the mind every second of the day. It is common for people to think that as well as assuming they will be stuck with the worry of being insecure. That is not the case however with a little work.

The first step to dealing with insecurities is to identify where it originates from. Did someone once say something that made you feel insecure?  Did someone make an offhand comment about a flaw?  Or has someone deliberately told you what is wrong with you?That could be the root of that particular insecurity. Use logic to rationalize self doubt born from someone’s irrelevant comment. Their opinion does not matter. Therefore, they do not get to decide what are a person’s flaws.

Spending life worrying about flaws is not good for  someone’s well being. It is easier to try and rationalize a dark thought. Even though everyone has a different way to overcome their insecurities, if one just tries to discover the root of the problem, it is more achievable.

In this world today, there are too many things to fret about. Like school and the pressures of growing up. There is the constant judgement of society, but one has to try hard to ignore the pressure , for it leads to a life of continual paranoia. Going through the days agonizing over looks does not help an image of self worth. There is nothing wrong with you no matter what someone says. You are living this life, might as well live it with being happy with yourself.

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How to Deal with Insecurities