Marching Band – Celtic Muse

Parker Gravelle, Staff Reporter

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This year’s marching band show, Celtic Muse evokes imagery of vast fields of green grass, soft wind blowing, perhaps the sound of bagpipes playing.

“Celtic Muse is really fun for it being my first marching band show. At first I was dreading it but now I’m really glad I joined,” says first-time marcher and sophomore Sarah Voorhies.

The first year marchers were introduced to this year’s leadership crew, which includes the new drum majors senior Olivia Chau, senior Ian Gravelle, and junior Emily Landgren.

Voorhies’ beginnings in working with the leadership for this year are excellent, “Honestly, everyone takes part in leadership and helping each other out.”

Not only are the new marchers working well with the new leadership, but returning marchers are as well.

“The leadership crew has been extremely positive and hard-working this year. They motivate the rookies and also the veterans to have fun and also stay focused throughout rehearsal,” sousaphone player and sophomore Reilly McClellan complimented.

     Voorhies also shared some personal feelings about her experiences in the past, “It’s been so long since I have felt accepted in band that I considered quitting, but I’m glad I didn’t”

     McClellan has also included their views on last year’s show Danze Passione, “Celtic Muse is exponentially better than Danze Passione. It’s difficult but totally worth it.”

“I hope to just perform and look freaking awesome. That’s it,” McClellan says.

The marching took 3rd place at the Mackenzie Classic, 3rd place at the Southridge Spectacle, 5th place at the Liberty Marching Arts Challenge, and 4th place at Championships.

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Marching Band – Celtic Muse