Teacher Appreciation

Ally Osborne, Aesthetic Editor

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With finals and teacher appreciation scheduled on the same week of March 20, leadership students gave up some study time to show their love for the staff. Select students in the Teacher Appreciation committee took up to three weeks crafting ideas and creating gifts, with the entire leadership class pitching in work and donations for the 123 staff members and administration. Volunteering to make decorations, talking to businesses for donations, and writing cards were amongst the tasks completed in preparation.

“It feels so good to give back to the teachers who do so much for us everyday,” said committee member Emma Kiel, sophomore.

This year, teachers received survival packs for finals. These packs included a tooth brush, snacks donated from Safeway and students, notes, bottled water, and many other donated items. Each pack had a labeled note on the front, so no teacher or staff was forgotten.

“I think they’re a really cute idea and a good way for the students to give back to the teachers. Students usually get survival packs for finals; it’s a cool twist to see teachers getting them instead,” said committee member Angie Decker, senior.

Appreciation decorations were also made. The teacher’s lounge was decorated to an Oscar’s theme. Paparazzi silhouettes were placed around the entrances, framed to look like dressing rooms, as popcorn boxes and streamers were inside. Fliers were printed and personalized for each staff member and were hung on doors or hand delivered.

“The door decorations,” said Olivia Stormont, senior, when asked about her favorite piece she made for the staff room.

The local branch of Future Farmers of America (FFA), put on a breakfast for the staff the first day of the week. A donut breakfast from Safeway was provided the second day. Coffee was donated from Coffee Cottage and Starbucks along with a $1 drink day at Dutch Brothers for all teachers on days throughout the week.

“I really like how we have been putting a lot of time and effort into getting stuff for the teachers to show how much we appreciate them and how they were pretty surprised, I think,” said FFA member Katelyn Metzger, senior.

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Teacher Appreciation