Satire of Body Expectations

Sam Marshall, Perspectives Editor

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Instead of going for plastic surgery to enhance a  butt, invest in a funhouse mirror. They give the same effect without surgery. Flawless humans of Barbie proportions greet women as they turn magazine pages, creating a narrow view of a single body type. To obtain this ideal women remove all hair that is not on their head, lather themselves in stretch mark and scar removal creams to grasp at this idea of fiction. Photoshop models set unrealistic and unattainable beauty standards. Several sources of body expectations go unexplored.

One option for women lies in the contorting fun house mirror. Fun house mirrors provide women with newfound inspiration to configure their bodies.

Forget the plastic surgery of the past. The mirrors allow women to change their body shape with each outfit. Instead of fusing horns to someone’s skull for the sake of fashion, try props instead.

Men and women know what they want for an ideal girlfriend, allowing them to customize a funhouse mirror to fit their ideal. The funhouse mirror distorts a woman’s body into all types of shapes. Fun house mirrors give a desired body without surgery. A photoshop standard does not define all body types.

Some side effects of this body distortion technique may include: back pain, from lugging around a heavy mirror for the sake of perfection, headaches, funhouse mirrors do not give natural selfie poses, and a disrupt in romance, a giant funhouse mirror does that to a romantic relationship.

Imagine a nice dinner with a significant other. They try to hold hands across the table, and see their perfect design reflected back, which makes them happy.

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Satire of Body Expectations