Sentimental Comedy

Ally Osborne, Aesthetic Editor

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Sentimentality will be my downfall. As a senior, I reminisce on the “good old days” of previous high school years just like teenagers on Twitter reminisce about Obama. I even break down sobbing looking at a picture of some coffee I had with a friend last weekend, it is that bad. Coffee makes me cry, and for that reason dwelling on the past is a been there, done that, and never do again.

Sure, it can be enjoyable to look back on pictures of an old friend group, wishing to relive the good, but it is a trap for reunion failure. People are complicated, and that makes reviving the past hard. NSync has not reunited for this very reason. Do you think the lesser known members of NSync would want to regroup for a throwback tour? Hell yes they would want to. But would Justin Timberlake join in? Probably not. Justin moved beyond NSync to bigger and better things, and besides, NSync reuniting would make the other members sad the group finished, even if they were satisfied with their current lives. Sometimes reuniting can be a good thing; The Backstreet Boys are still going strong, which is so lit. But, most of the time, old friend groups are meant to stay dead, like stale memes.

Looking back on the past can also distract from the future [and no, I am not talking about the rapper]. Graduation is coming up, and while I’m crying over the shoes I wore in 2012 that I miss dearly, I am distracted from the life unfolding in front of me. New and better shoes await.

Plus, looking back on the past makes events seem far more lit than they actually were. It is like watching a really bad movie and rewatching it years later because you remember loving it, and then finding out how terrible it is. Please abandon any thoughts of revisiting the “good times”, because they are not as good as you remember.

You just have to live for the now. Wasting time sobbing over memories is the worst way to prepare for what is ahead. Marty McFly has not shown up giving you an opportunity to make your past the present, so chill out and make current events to top the past ones.

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Sentimental Comedy