Head2Head – Overconfidence

Ally McCullen, Culture Editor

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For many young people, it is easy to get caught up in oneself. Everyone all know those people who parade around, flaunting themselves, and I like to think that I am not the only one who is annoyed by these people.

Self love is an encouragement, and is not even close to a bad thing. The one constant thing that a person has in this world is themself, so get comfortable. However, it is easy to tell when people are too comfortable with themselves, it gets tiring. Being confident is one thing, and confidence is good, but confidence can turn into arrogance and narcissism in one bat of an eyelash or one flex of a muscle.

One main outlet for narcissism in the modern world is social media. York University did a study reviewing the correlation between the amount people post on Facebook and their personal measure of narcissism, using a set criteria created by the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Inventory. They concluded that those who used Facebook the most tended to have the most narcissistic or insecure personalities.

The rise of social media births a another age of narcissism: the age of the selfie. Everyone knows those few people at their school who posts selfies of themselves almost every day, with various emojis for captions. One should not have a problem with running into a few selfies while scrolling through their Instagram feed, but when they see the same selfies, with the same filters and the same meaningless captions, it gets quite annoying. The narcissist is looking for attention or the comments reading “OMG ur gorgeous!!” or multiple heart-eyed emojis. These people thrive from the positive attention and praise, and they will fish to get it.

These people also take selfies wherever they go. They will put whatever they are doing at a standstill if the lighting is right in order to get a good shot. While other people’s camera rolls are filled with photos of them and their friends or pretty landscapes, theirs are filled with selfies of themselves, often doing the same exact pose as every other photo.

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Head2Head – Overconfidence