Head2Head – Self Confidence

Ally Osborne, Aesthetic Editor

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Our society demonizes self confidence. Self deprecating jokes dominate pop culture, and confident individuals, especially females, are portrayed as antagonists or narcissistic. This is an age where prejudice, judgement, and ironic self doubt is thriving. It is more important than ever to invest in self love, no matter the form. Self love and confidence fights against all the negativity we face, and demonizing it holds us back.

Observe pop culture, and the glorification of self loathing shines. Meme culture is a solid foundation for finding these occurrences. Some of the most reoccurring memes are jokes of self decline (referring to oneself to trash, ironically joking about self harm, and comparisons of others with a direct intent to degrade the other). Though these memes may be funny, they add to the idea that low self esteem makes one relatable and more desirable. That is not true. According to the National Department of Health and Federal Occupational Health, high self esteem directly correlates to stronger relationships, and an approachable personality. By self degrading, even through memes, we lower our chances of building relationships, losing friends, and darkening mood.

Through personal experience, I witnessed the demonization of self confidence. I put myself out in the public spotlight often, and several times confronted situations where people take any form of confidence as a threat. During elections, people told me to appear less self confident in order to not scare away voters.

Females receive judgement on confidence far more than males. In an article on Forbes.com called “Why Successful Women Terrify Us,” it is stated that 97 percent of major companies are controlled by men because women who are self confident and in charge are feared, and not given prime jobs.

This very perception of scary self confident females has horrific consequences. Harvard University did a study on this topic, uncovering that women score 0.340 points below men on a confidence scale from 1 to 10. Women appear to be less confident in how they answer questions, proving a need to nurture self confidence as it is slowly shut down for women. Confidence is under attack. Breaking down any kind of self love is diminishing a willingness to succeed, and that is unacceptable.

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Head2Head – Self Confidence