Tough Love

Maisie Flanagan, Staff Reporter

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When it comes to relationships in high school, it is easy to say that they are unimportant and not beneficial. After all, there are only two ways they end: breaking up, or pursuing a serious, long-term future together. Both are terrifying in the eyes of adolescents; their brains are not yet capable of knowing what is valuable in terms of romanticism at such an age.

On one hand, there is the stress of a relationship, and the threat that it will not work out. Breakups are beyond inconvenient when going to the same school as an ex, since there is no avoiding the pensive eye contact exchanged in the halls. Someone experiencing heartbreak at such a life-altering time is more prone to emotional trauma than an older, more experienced individual.  Being interested in someone while maturing and having that interest not reciprocated could disrupt their abilities to trust or feel that way towards anyone in the future.

Nonetheless, maintaining a relationship while young can be advantageous. It can help one to discover what they need in future relationships, as well as teaching them what they do not want. If both parties involved are mature enough to learn something from the relationship, then it would be worth it. It is far better to discover an ideal relationship early in life. There is also the chance that it could work out , in which case everyone wins.

With so many optimistic and pessimistic beliefs regarding high school relationships, who can say whether or not they are truly beneficial. As long as both people involved are happy and learn something from it, there is little harm in people experiencing it for themselves. This is more true for those looking for more than just an experience, and those willing to commit time and effort to a lasting relationship.

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Tough Love