Featured Artist – Alvin Thorsen

Quinnell Flanagan, Profiles Editor

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Ever since receiving a camera two years ago, senior exchange student from Denmark Alvin Thorsen engaged himself in the art of photography. He enjoys shooting portraits, fashion, and conceptual photography, as well as the thrill he gets after editing a photo.

By taking Photography 1, 2, and being a TA for the AP Photography class, Thorsen entered two of his photos in the Scholastic Awards State Competition. Through the competition, he won a Gold Key for his Photography 1 final and an honorable mention for his surrealist collage.

“It was awesome to see both myself and others improve through the class and see our work entered in state [competitions],” Thorsen said.

Because of the photography class, Thorsen learned about both digital and film photography, but prefers digital.

“I enjoy digitial, it gives me more room to be creative,” said Thorsen.

Although photography is just a hobby for him now, he hopes to turn it into a career because he is able to express himself in ways that he never expected to. One of his award winning pictures also happens to be his favorite. His conceptual piece from his final project (pictured right) was his favorite because he did not waste a single shot and was able to tell a story through his photography.

“I am very happy to be here and have the opportunity to get educated because I was not able to get that at home,” Thorsen said.

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Featured Artist – Alvin Thorsen