Making Up My Own World – Feature Artist – Annabelle Young

Quinnell Flanagan, Profiles Editor

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Annabelle Young, senior, started to become interested in art when she was little. As a self taught artist, Young loves to create pieces based off of her life and the people around her. Although Young does not prefer a certain type of art, she enjoys drawing the most.

“It depends on what mood I’m in, but the art form I do most is drawing because it’s so easy for me to just sit down with a sketchbook and draw,” said Young

Starting at Twality middle school, Young began to share her creative mind with other people. Since then, she has taken classes such as Drawing, Painting, Digital Art, Jewelry, 2D Art, and is currently taking AP Art

“I wanted to choose art as a hobby because it always allows me to be creative and make up my own worlds,” said Young.

Besides applying art to canvas, Young also enjoys the performing arts. She began involving herself in the performing arts community at a young age, joining ballet, musicals, and plays. She continues to do so at SHS, and is even a part in the Concert Choir here at Sherwood High School.

“When I was really little, my mom took me to see the Nutcracker ballet, and I’ve been interested in plays ever since.”

Her favorite play that she has done since she became involved in the performing arts community is “The Adventures of Hir and Ranjha,” a Bollywood version of the famous Romeo and Juliet written by Waris Shah. Although she prefers musicals over plays, this is her favorite show because she enjoyed the Bollywood style dancing that they got to learn.

After high school, Young plans on making art more than just a hobby. She hopes to make a career out of acting, dreaming that she will one day land her dream role as Liesl from “The Sound Of Music.” If she pursues a different career path, she still plans to keep both art and performing arts in her life.

“I love art and will continue to do it always,” Young said.

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Making Up My Own World – Feature Artist – Annabelle Young