Training at the Top of XC – Jaron Homer – Featured Athlete

Allison Osborne, Aesthetic Editor

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As he sprints down the track for cross country, Jaron Homer, freshman, carries with him a zest for life, and a love for his sport. Homer admits he was not passionate about running from the start.

“I wasn’t all that good at running till eighth grade, so I had never trained hard before, going from that to training [with] the varsity guys… It hurt,” Homer said.

All that pain and training helped Homer beat the freshman time trial record along with other cross country newcomer, Thomas Osborne, freshman, and pushes him to break more records for his team.

Running isn’t the only thing Homer has on his mind.

“I love to hang out with friends! Who doesn’t? And also uni-cycling, my elementary school PE teacher did a uni-cycling unit and my older brother also unicycles, I got one of my own and it has been a hobby since,” Homer said.

His freshman year is another topic Homer could not help but share his enthusiasm for.

“My freshman [year] is great, the teachers at the high school make it much more fun than you would expect school to be like,” Homer said.

Even with the freshman XC time trial record shattered, Homer still has more goals in sight.

“By the end of this year I would like to beat the 5k freshman record [and] by senior year I would like the team to compete at a state competition,” Homer said.

Homer attributes his love for running and need for success to his brother, who set his goal times in middle school and has been inspiring him to run ever since.

Homer encourages all his peers to try out for XC. Though the atmosphere of the activity tends to draw the most admiration, Homer’s favorite part of cross country is the sport itself.

“(My favorite part is) the feeling you get after a hard workout or especially a successful meet, it hurts, but you feel good after,” Homer said.

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Training at the Top of XC – Jaron Homer – Featured Athlete