MaKenna Osburne
My name is MaKenna Osburne, but some call me Kenna. I am 16 years old, and a junior. I love my family, especially my best friend Mikhael, my cousin Faith, my second mom Becky, and my mom. I am obsessed with my cat, I am in fact the local cat lady. I absolutely love peach tea, it is life. I am obsessed with Sebastian Stan, because c'mon, look at his face. Bucky Barnes, yo. Tumblr nerd. My favorite movie is The Winter Soldier, because of Bucky Barnes. My spirit animal is Ron Swanson, and April from Parks and Recreation. I joined The Arrow because it said so on my schedule, but I am not complaining.

MaKenna Osburne, Staff Member

Apr 03, 2017
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Mar 07, 2017
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